Hi! My name is Diana Nowek

I am a behavioral profiler and a researcher investigating nonverbal communication. For many years, I have been running a training and consulting firm called the Institute of Nonverbal Communication, under which I carry out research using biosensor technologies.

As a profiler and a coach, I have worked for EU and UN agencies, as well as for uniformed services, ministries, and corporations. I have created and implemented a training program for identifying suspicious behaviors at European airports. I am a member of the International Association of Behaviour Detection & Analysis. Currently, I am exploring behavioral psychology while pursuing a doctoral degree in Vienna.

As part of my research project, I am investigating the linguistic analysis of statement credibility. The title of my dissertation is Credibility assessment in written communication. I study how the way of speaking and writing changes when one is lying.

Observing and examining human behaviors is a passion of mine. I dedicate a lot of time to the notion of perceived physical appearance and expression of emotions using facial appearance with due account of cultural differences. I am secretly hoping that you will find this subject fascinating, too!

More about me

What can I do for you

Unique workshops on behavioral analysis, based on many years of experience and academic research. For managers, negotiators, recruiters, officers and all future profilers.


  • Specialized workshops and training courses on behavior recognition. 
  • Development and delivery of course books and materials.
  • For companies, private groups and individuals.


  • Behavioral psychology for business and security sector in intercultural environment
  • Measurement of facial expression using biosensor technology.
  • Facial perception – science of first impressions.


  • Analysis of social perception, body language and facial expression
  • Assessment of existing training programs, recruiting processes and interviews
  • Design of psychological and personalities profiles

What skill would you like to master?

1-hour workshop or 5-day training?

Everything is possible. Choose your favorite topic and course duration – based on your experience, needs and proficiency level.


How to read and interpret human behavior, body gestures postures and movements.


How to spot, understand and measure facial expressions and micro expressions.


How to assess people’s appearance in order to avoid assessment traps and biases.


How to analyze written and spoken statements using science of language of deception.


How to recognize incoherent,  suspicious or dangerous behaviors and be more resistant to the manipulation.


Hot to recognize toxic and manipulative people, such as  psychopaths and sociopaths.

What can you gain from behavioral profiling?

Behavioral profiling consists of observing and analyzing the behavior, emotions, and appearance of people around us. The acquired knowledge allows us:

  • to become more mindful to the needs of others,

  • to improve our communication skills,

  • to better understand ourselves and our own emotions,

  • to interpret signals sent by people more effectively,

  • to increase our objective approach to our assessment of others,

  • to detect inconsistencies, deception, and manipulation attempts sooner,

  • to become more resilient to toxic individuals.

In the past, these competencies used to be employed by intelligent services only. Currently, such a comprehensive knowledge is advantageous both in business and daily life.

My clients include sales people, negotiators, psychologists, lawyers, expert witnesses, IT employees, research and development employees, as well as parents, schools, universities, individuals working with autistic individuals, and survivors of toxic relationships.

All these groups share one thing – the desire to see more than others do.

What is behavioral profiling

  • The study of behavioral patterns and personality has been a rich field in psychology since at least the mid-1960s. The pioneering work done by the FBI in forming their profiling group was certainly groundbreaking and commendable.

  • Nowadays, with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis personality profiles can be extremely accurate. Due to the enormous number of data left on the Internet the job of profilers become easier and more efficient.

  • Researchers use biosensor technology, like eye-tracking, facial expression and body movements recognition, voice pulse, GSR, EEG, EMG analyzers to measure, explain and categorize human behavior.

  • Natural language processing enables us to decode emotions, feelings and mental states from written statements.

For that reason behavioral profiling has become a powerful tool. In recent years it has emerged in the security world and in the world of business – helping managers, negotiators, recruiters, IT and R&D departments to assess and understand people more effectively.

Academy of Behavioral Profiling

The most comprehensive program, called Academy of Behavioral Profiling, is a semestral course and lasts 6 months. The course guarantees the acquisition of comprehensive competences in the field of emotions and analysis of human behavior. The training modules can be freely combined.

MODULE 1 – Behavioral profiling

MODULE 2 – Psychology of emotions

MODULE 3 – Psychology of appearance

MODULE 4 – Measurement of emotions / Technologies

MODULE 5 – Body language

MODULE 6 – Facial expressions

MODULE 7 – Emotional face map

MODULE 8 – Typology of liars

MODULE 9 – Antisocial Personalities

MODULE 10 – Victim behavior and manipulations

MODULE 11 – Behavioral analysis in lie detection

MODULE 12 – Linguistic analysis in lie detection

More details


Unique know-how delivered by a unique professional. Diana combines extensive scientific know-how with years of personal experience in the field. I highly recommend Diana as a Key Note Speaker for bigger audiences and as a trainer for small group workshops. Extreme professionalism combined with top sense of humor and creating powerful learning experience. Behavioral profiling changes the way we act in business and private life.

Marta Wielondek, Head Central Eastern Europe Roche Diabetes Care

It was a perfect training! In the beginning, I was really sceptical. Finally, after the training, I can say, that it is a huge advantage if you are able to include your knowledge from this training in your daily work. We are always able to step in behaviour assessment traps, but with this training, I am able to recognize more of them. I am able to understand deceptive behaviour and body language better than before. Thanks for that useful knowledge. I really can recommend it, it is for sure no waste of time!

Joerg Sprenger, Police, Frankfurt Airport, Germany

At their daily work, all law enforcement must deal with different kinds of situations and people in a quick of a second. The tool with which Diana provides you is more than significant not only because you can be able to detect lies or suspicious actions, but also because it can help you to detect vulnerable people and dangerous profiles. Her pedagogy and deep knowledge attract your attention from the very beginning and leave you the desire and even the need to go deeper into this challenging issue.

Raul David Pomares, Border Police, Spain

I recommend the course on behavioral profiling to everyone, regardless of profession or expertise. The training was always clear, engaging, full of surprises, easily understandable, never boring. This course improved my previous knowledge and my way to work, reaching tangible results in my profession. The knowledge of behavior recognition and body language is necessary for many fields. After the course, I think that I have the full feeling of understanding and recognizing most of them. Those skills gave me an extra value to my profession, thanks to the exclusive and involving training conducted by Diana Nowek.

Paolo Guadagno, Police, Forensic, Italy

In 2019 I had privilege to be part of one of Frontex’s trainings. Diana Nowek was one of the trainers and her topics were very interesting to all of us. For me, personally, part with Diana’s topic -Body language was very useful because I am using that knowledge every day in my job and also in conversation with my children. They can’t lie to me anymore about grades. I discover a few secrets of my wife, but not all ☺️. I hope that I will have the chance to be part of one of Diana’s future trainings again and to learn something new. Thank you a lot!

Predrag Kaitovic, Border Police, Serbia

Diana Nowek has a very high level of professionalism. She was able to teach me the complicated
subject of behavioral recognition in a very easy way. She made me improve my skills in lie detection
and non-verbal communication, especially in the field of victim recognition and behavior of victims.
I absolutely recommend participating in her trainings in order to improve non-verbal communication
skills and behavioral analysis.

Fabio Piga, Police, Sardegna

Thanks to those trainings on behavioral profiling I gained new observation and communication skills. Very professional, great atmosphere! Additionally, cultural communication workshops raise awareness and communication skills. Cultural differences are easier to recognize. Very helpful and practical in everyday work. Thank you!

Agata Filipkowska, Border Guard, Poland

The training delivered by Diana Nowek was an inspiration. Scientific quality paired with practical relevance, up-to-date and future-oriented.

Reingard Wulf, Police, Germany