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  • Perception of appearance (your image or social perception)
  • Nonverbal communication (your behaviour, body language or facial expressions)
  • Technologies for measuring emotions (applied in business and research)
  • Lie detection (the use of knowledge for testing and creating technologies)


  • Do you want to analyse a text to determine statement credibility?
  • Do you want to analyse a video record to determine the likelihood of deception?

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Auditing and team communication analysis

Does your team often experience conflict or is it not well-tuned and, consequently, less efficient? Have you noticed that misunderstandings or communication noise arise between employees or project teams? Owing to the communication style auditing of employees it is possible to diagnose hot spots, behaviors, and areas that require improvement.

Analysis of social perception and appearance perception

Would you like to know what is the first impression you make on people? Is there a need for analysing your image, a photograph or a video record of your speech? Are you interested in an analysis focused on the assessment of amiability, trustworthiness or competence? The conducted studies of social perception may include a selected social group with regard to age, gender, place of residence or education.

Analysis of the behavior exhibited by a candidate for a given position in terms of his or her reliability

Are you carrying out a key recruitment process or are you in one of the final stages of a recruitment process for an important position? Do you want to seek opinion of an external observer on the behavior or potential traits of a candidate at an interview? This analysis can be made based on a video record or at a meeting.

Analysis of video recordings for reliability assessment

Do you have a video record of a person whose behavior you would like to analyse to determine the likelihood of deception? This analysis is carried out using lie detection technology that measures numerous behavioral indicators all at once.

Analysis of written and oral content for reliability assessment

Do you have an audio or a written record of a conversation / statement that you would like to analyse to determine the likelihood of deception? Please feel free to e-mail me the file.

Analysis of the usefulness of biosensor technologies in projects

Are you planning to implement an emotion identification technology in your business or a project? Do you want to assess the opportunities and risks of such an implementation first and compare products available on the market? I will help you at this stage.