Behavioral Analysis for everyone

Discover a fascinating relationship between brain, emotions and body. Learn how to interpret body language, discover secrets of facial and micro expressions, get knowledge on recognizing and measuring emotions. Psychology of appearance will change your view of people around you and psychology of antisocial behaviors will help you to spot the toxic or dangerous individuals.

kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego


  • Specialized workshops and training courses on behavior recognition.
  • Development and delivery of course books and materials.
  • For companies, private groups and individuals.
kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego


  • Behavioral psychology for business and security sector in intercultural environment
  • Measurement of facial expression using biosensor technology.
  • Facial perception – science of first impressions.
kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego


  • Analysis of social perception, body language and facial expression
  • Assessment of existing training programs, recruiting processes and interviews
  • Design of psychological and personalities profiles

Why is it worth to take up a training course with me?

Because I offer very practical and best-verified training courses in behavioral analysis.

Because it is delivered only by practitioners who have tested their knowledge in practice by interviewing and profiling hundreds of people.

Because owing to my cooperation with uniformed services worldwide, I have tested the universality of nonverbal communication (or lack thereof), verifying behavioral indicators depending on a given culture that is being observed.

My knowledge has served me for creating a general European training course for the border guard. We have verified the efficiency of our activities at airports and border crossing points.

By learning behavioral analysis

  • You will learn universal facial expressions and the meaning behind them.

  • You will learn how to interpret about 100 basic and essential body language gestures.

  • You will identify needs of people around you owing to accurately identified emotions.

  • You will improve communication at home, in the company, and customer service quality.

  • You will become more open to other personality types and various communication styles.

  • You will learn how to detect deception and inconsistency.

  • You will see how you are perceived by others and what impression you make.

  • You will obtain knowledge about difficult and toxic personality types, such as psychopaths.

  • ALSO, you will learn about the possibilities offered by biosensor technologies for measuring emotions.

szkolenia otwarte z profilowania behawioralnego

Open Training Courses (for everyone)

Open training courses are dedicated for every enthusiast of nonverbal communication and behavioral profiling. Expand your knowledge and obtain new unique competencies. Choose a course for yourself, as a gift or enlist your employee. The training is certified and accredited by the International Association of Behavior Detection & Analysis. The training takes the forms of:

  • Webinars and online courses
  • On-site training courses (suspended for the time of the pandemic)

Become an expert in the area of body language, facial expressions, lie detection techniques, linguistic analysis of statement credibility, psychology of appearance or identification of toxic personality types.

szkolenia zamknięte z profilowania behawioralnego

Corporate Training Courses

One-of-a-kind behavioral analysis training courses based on many years of experience and scientific research. For managers, negotiators, sales people, recruiters, officers, and all profilers in the making. Closed training on demand with an offer tailored to the needs and the specificity of your business in the form of:

  • Customised online courses,
  • Thematic lectures,
  • On-site training sessions at the client’s premises.

The offered courses provide participants with an introduction to the topic of lie detection and emotion identification. During the course, you will learn about the meaning of nonverbal indicators for assessing credibility of a candidate, a partner or a co-worker. Training sessions focused on profiling will allow you to become more effective in detecting deception during meetings and negotiations.

szkolenia otwarte z profilowania behawioralnego

Behavioral Profiling Academy

Discover the fascinating correlation between the brain, emotions, and the body! The One-Semester Behavioral Profiling Academy is a course ensuring that you will attain comprehensive skills in emotion and behavioral analysis, that is, the analysis of human behavior. The programme comprises 12 thematic modules and is delivered online, ending in a final test that verifies the obtained knowledge.

It is the only behavioral profiling course available in Polish created by scientists and practitioners from uniformed services. The course content was developed in cooperation with the International Association of Behavior Detection & Analysis.

konsultacje z profilowania behawioralnego

Individual Support

Are you in need of a consulting service, a one-on-one training source or behavioral analysis studies?

Would you like to expand your knowledge of biosensor technologies and measurement of facial expressions?

Are you looking for an expert and a scientist who would develop a paper, a textbook or a training program on behavioral psychology, the psychology of the first impression, nonverbal communication or lie detection?

Who is this knowledge for

Individuals and professionals who wish to stand out and master the power of nonverbal communication and behavior recognition. Whether you want to develop your communication skills, increase your sales potential or negotiate better, this knowledge and training is for you.

  • Business Owners

  • Coaches & Trainers
  • Sales & Management
  • HR & Recruiters
  • Forensics & Security
  • Psychologists & Therapists
  • Negotiators & Interviewers
  • Teachers & Parents

Unique Workshops and Training Programs

From 1,5h workshops to 5-day advanced trainings and semestral academies

Online course and live sessions

Up to 20 participants in one group

Emotion recognition tools included

Video recordings and lie detection technologies included

Certification and prices starting from 1500 EUR / day

Your topics and content

Choose your favorite topic of interest and organize an introduction workshop, a 2-day-training or a advanced, semestral academy  – for your company or private group. Recommended duration for the comprehensive in-house training is 2-5 days.

szkolenia otwarte z profilowania behawioralnego

Behavioral Analysis and Profiling

Introduction to human behavior and personality

Behavior is everything that we do – our actions, our thoughts, our language and our feelings. The aim of the introduction is to explain the notion of behavioral analysis. What happens to the body when a person is experiencing stress, distress or fear? This part sets out to explain to participants the way in which our bodies and behavior might emit indications of discomfort or anxiety. They will gain a better understanding of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, the fight or flight response and, in particular, how we might (or might not) be able to identify deception through observation of visible physiological reactions to stressors. This part will also consider what steps those with ill intent might take to cover up signs of stress which would otherwise be emitted and the reasons why not every liar displays signs of nervousness in the first place.

szkolenia zamknięte z profilowania behawioralnego

Psychology of Appearance

Judgments based on our Appearance – Understanding Intuitive Bias

We all know that looks matter. What most of us don’t understand is just how much looks matter, and how difficult it is for us to ignore a person’s appearance when making a social judgment. In all our perceptions, from vision to hearing, to the pictures we build of people’s character, our unconscious mind starts from whatever objective data is available to us and helps to shape and construct the more complete picture we consciously perceive.

  • Science of first impressions – What does a look reveal;
  • Stereotypes and prejudice – Common mind traps that affect our thinking;
  • How does our brain work – Instinctive brain, feeling brain and thinking brain;
  • What the face, pose and clothes say about you;
  • Who do we trust and why – Facial shapes
konsultacje z profilowania behawioralnego

Body Language

Understanding Body Language

Up to 95% of our communication is nonverbal. However, we often only think about the words we say, not how we say them. In this unit, we will review the body, the voice and how they expresses emotions. Body language is the best way to gain insights into how others think and feel, as well as to improve an everyday communication with others.

  • What your body language is saying – Factors of comfort and discomfort;
  • Interpretations of most used Body Language positions;
  • How body language affects behavior – the chameleon effect in psychology
szkolenia otwarte z profilowania behawioralnego

Facial Expressions and Microexpressions

Microexpressions and their Role in Increasing the Emotional Intelligence

Microexpressions are crucial in communication and are essential to the success in sales, negotiations, recruitment, presentations and leadership. These very short facial expressions belong to the most reliable signs of what somebody really feels.

The average result people achieve when doing the Micro Expressions Test is 24.09%. Less than 12% are able to score above 50%. This means that most people give very little attention to facial expressions, while those tiny movements are reliable sources to detect true feelings or lies. 

  • Recognition of the 26 most common variations of 7 basic emotions;
  • Reading facial expressions to identify true feelings;
  • Learning to quickly adjust words accordingly to emotions;
  • Identification of the needs by seeing what people think or feel;
  • Lie detection – recognition of hidden emotion.
szkolenia zamknięte z profilowania behawioralnego

Linguistic Text Analysis

Language of Lying – Lying Pattern in English Language

Many analyses of the words used in real and fake stories revealed a few reliable differences. Stories that were true had more words in them and more details than those that were fake. The true stories had fewer emotion terms in them than the fakes. The true stories had fewer verbs than the fakes. Finally, the true stories had more first-person pronouns in them than the fakes. 

In a number of studies, researchers took sets of texts and used these basic principles to classify the truthful ones from the lies. They were typically able to do so correctly about 75 percent of the time. Using more advanced techniques and adding voice analysis can improve the result up to 90 percent.

konsultacje z profilowania behawioralnego

Lie Detection

Practical application – Examples and Lie Detection Techniques.

According to a meta-analysis of 253 studies of people distinguishing truths from lies, the overall accuracy is just 53 percent- not much better than flipping a coin. Thanks to methods developed by the FBI and world-known psychologists Paul Ekman and DaviD Matsumoto, we are now able to detect up to 75% or even 95% cases of lying. 

From the neurophysiology point of view non-verbal message is closely connected with verbal one so, naturally, our words are mirrored by our gestures. Incoherency of the two sources of communication exposes a conflict in mind and may indicate a lie or dishonesty

Lying provokes certain physiological processes and changes (however, it may not be a case when it comes to psychopaths and sociopaths who do not understand nor feel emotions in a typical way)

In order not to be easily influenced by false impressions, manipulation or deception, it is essential to learn mechanisms which take place in our brains and bodies.

  • Exercises of applying new knowledge into daily habit;
  • Analysis of interviews and photos.
  • Video recordings.