Consultation: Individual support

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Do you value an individual approach? Are you looking for a solution to your problem or an answer to a question related to:

  • perception of your appearance (your image or social perception)
  • recruitment and assessment processes (candidate profile)
  • implementation of behavioural technology (applied in business and research)
  • lie detection (the use of knowledge for testing and developing solutions)
  • behavioural audits for vulnarable targets
  • application of bahavioural profiling to threat/risk detection


  • Do you want to analyse a text to determine statement credibility?
  • Do you want to analyse a video record to determine the likelihood of deception?

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Price: 60 minutes of a conversation or an analysis – EUR 100 + 20% VAT = EUR 120

Invoices issued for businesses registered outside Austria VAT is 0% (‘VAT reverse charge’).

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Hi! My name is Diana Nowek

I am a behavioral profiler and a researcher investigating nonverbal communication. For many years, I have been running a training and consulting firm called the Institute of Nonverbal Communication, under which I carry out research using biosensor technologies.

As a profiler and a coach, I have worked for EU and UN agencies, as well as for uniformed services, ministries, and corporations. I have created and implemented a training program for identifying suspicious behaviors at European airports. I am a member of the International Association of Behaviour Detection & Analysis. Currently, I am exploring behavioral psychology while pursuing a doctoral degree in Vienna.

As part of my research project, I am investigating the linguistic analysis of statement credibility. The title of my dissertation is Credibility assessment in written communication. I study how the way of speaking and writing changes when one is lying.

Observing and examining human behaviors is a passion of mine. I dedicate a lot of time to the notion of perceived physical appearance and expression of emotions using facial appearance with due account of cultural differences. I am secretly hoping that you will find this subject fascinating, too!


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