Online course: Credibility assessment in written statements

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Credibility assessment in written communication

When we are lying, we change the way we talk and write. We use different words and sentence structures. We confuse tenses and use some specific phrases. Owing to the linguistic analysis training, the participant will more easily detect inconsistencies in a conversation or in e-mail correspondence preceding the conversation. The training takes place with the use of real-life examples of oral and written statements of people in the area of business and politics.

If you are a lawyer, a negotiator, a debt collector, a manager, a psychologist or a person whose profession requires reading between the lines – this training course is essential for you!


  • You will learn the typology of liars and phrases they use,
  • You will analyse oral and written statements to determine their credibility,
  • You will learn patterns of linguistic analysis that can be used in life immediately,
  • You will use your analysis skills to formulate questions accurately to extract information,
  • You will become resistant to verbal manipulation,
  • You will start writing texts and e-mail that sound more plausible.
  • At the end of the workshop, a test will be carried to verify the attained knowledge; if passed, it entitles a given workshop participant to a certificate of participation.



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The training takes place online via Zoom platform.

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What will you learn during the course?

kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego

Statement credibility interpretation

During the training, participants obtain skills in interpreting credibility of statements, detecting cues of deception in their interlocutor in his or her way of speaking and writing, as well as identifying and preventing manipulation, and formulating efficient questions.

kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego

Document credibility analyses

Additionally, the training course provides information about techniques that allow one to effectively verify and analyse credibility of documents made in person or constituting a record of a statement made by a person suspected of lying, including explanations and testimonies. Techniques covered in the course are based on the document credibility analysis method developed and used by the FBI.

kursy i szkolenia z profilowania behawioralnego

Interpreting inconsistencies in the way of speaking

Services use this knowledge to conduct interrogations and to efficiently reach the information needed. Participants of the training course will become better observers, feel more confident in the role of a negotiator, a sales person or a recruiter, and learn how to interpret both written and oral statements.

The Programme

In the course of the workshop, emphasis will be put on vocabulary, grammar, the way of speaking and writing when formulating dishonest stories. The workshop will be divided into practice modules that will allow the participants to practice the issues listed below.


  • Introduction to linguistic analysis.
  • Typology of liars and phrases they use.
  • How does one’s vocabulary and voice change when lying?


  • Strategies for analysing written or recorded statements, explanations or declarations
  • How to interpret a text to determine if the statement is inconsistent?
  • Analyses of exemplary texts.


  • Factors that cause statement distortion
  • Introduction to the use of the FBI instruction for statement analysis


  • Workshop in analysing authentic statements


  • Listening skills
  • Techniques for formulating questions and interviewing tactics
  • Behavioral analysis exercise – determining the norm
  • Behavioral analysis exercise – lie detection



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