Facial expressions and wrinkles formation

How emotions affect facial features? A practical guide to facial expressions

The publication is recommended for psychology students, psychotherapists, doctors, law enforcement and people who are interested in the psychology of emotions, facial expressions, microexpressions, reading facial expressions and non-verbal communication. Thanks to the book, you will be able to systematise your knowledge of emotions, facial muscles and the recognition of facial expressions. You will learn how experienced emotions can shape the appearance of facial muscles and thus facial wrinkles.


– How do everyday facial expressions affect the appearance of your face?
– What emotions are hidden behind individual facial muscle movements?
– What can your facial wrinkles mean?
– What are the causes of asymmetries in the face?
– What emotions can cause forehead lines as well as lines around the eyes, nose, lips and on chin and cheeks?

Premiere: 23.02.2023.

Format: PDF.  Number of pages: 125


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