16 stycznia, 2023

Briefing for member states in the UN Headquarters, New York

Profilowanie Behawioralne

Diana Nowek chosen as an expert speaker on the future of behavioural technology to present during the briefing to members states in the UN Headquarters, New York.

The BI Hub in Doha was established through an agreement between the Government of the State of Qatar and UNOCT to operationalize a behavioural science approach to counter-terrorism and to prevent violent extremism.

The meeting was conducted in a hybrid format for in-person and online participants, and attended by several UN entities, including the Executive Office of the Secretary-General, the Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, United Nations Development Programme, and UN Global Counter-Terrorism Compact Coordination Committee members, alongside civil society, academia and behavioural science experts.

The briefing showcased the achievements and presented the future activities of the UNOCT Behavioural Insights Programme in support of Member States, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities, regional organizations, and other beneficiaries of technical assistance.

The meeting discussed how behavioural insights can be used to address the complex phenomenon of terrorism.  It also highlighted the behavioural roots of vulnerabilities leading to radicalization and violent extremism conducive to terrorism, and how this threat can be reduced through behaviourally informed interventions.  The UNOCT BI Hub also presented its vision for the better deployment of behavioural insights for countering terrorism as a tool for planning, monitoring and evaluation.

During the meeting, the BI Hub presented results of two years of its programmatic activities, outlining major accomplishments in the areas of research, knowledge sharing and capacity building, as well strategic communications, partnerships development, and advocacy/outreach initiatives. The briefing also served as a platform for the soft launch of the first UNOCT Going to Extremes podcasts, created and produced by the BI Hub in Doha.

In his closing remarks, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, Mr. Vladimir Voronkov thanked the State of Qatar for the support to his office, including the BI Hub. He stated that it is essential that the Hub continues to work with partners in Qatar and around the world to advance evidence-based, whole-of-society approaches that address all forms and manifestations of terrorism, as well as the lifecycle of radicalization to violence, in compliance with international law.  “I hope that today’s discussion has given you a better appreciation of the growing expertise within the United Nations system in countering the threat of violent extremism through the use of behavioural insights” he concluded.


Diana Nowek

I am a behavioral profiler and a researcher investigating nonverbal communication. For many years, I have been running a training and consulting firm called the Institute of Nonverbal Communication, under which I carry out research using biosensor technologies.

Observing and examining human behaviors is a passion of mine. I dedicate a lot of time to the notion of perceived physical appearance and expression of emotions using facial appearance with due account of cultural differences. I am secretly hoping that you will find this subject fascinating, too!

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